Tagliatelle with stew and “saor” pepper sauce and chopped cucunci (caper fruit)

Piatto di tagliatelle Filotea al sugo di spezzatino e cucunci

Ingredients for 4 people:


Cut the stew meat into small cubes. Finely chop the carrot and shallot, sauté over a low heat then add the meat cubes and brown well on all sides. Now add 150 ml. of white wine and allow to evaporate, reduce the heat and add the bay leaf, salt and a pinch of chilli. Gradually add the broth and cook until the meat is tender.

Thinly slice the onion, brown it in another pan with extra virgin olive oil together with the capers, add the vinegar and allow it to evaporate, lower the heat and add a pinch of brown sugar. Pour in the white wine and simmer until reduced.
Continue cooking over a low heat for another 15 minutes.

Carefully wash and peel the peppers and cut them into cubes (instead of throwing away the skin, you can dry it and use it to obtain pepper powder).
Toss the pepper cubes quickly in a hot wok with a little extra virgin olive oil, then add the “saor” onion. Put the stew sauce back on the flame, add the “saor” peppers and cook on low heat for 7 minutes in order to allow the flavours to blend together.

Cook the tagliatelle in salted water, drain when they are “al dente” and toss them in the stew and “saor” pepper sauce.

Twist the tagliatelle in a nest in the center of the plate, and dust the edges with the finely chopped cucunci. Decorate as desired with herbs and enjoy!

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