Pasta and Vitellotte or Purple Potatoes

Pennette della Domenica Filotea e patate viola



Wash the potatoes well and peel them. Rinse them several times and cut them into about one centimetre cubes.
In a large skillet brown the garlic with a little chilli and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Add the cubed potatoes after removing the clove of garlic.
Stir the potatoes for a few minutes so they absorb the flavoured oil, then add a little hot water, cover and cook over a low heat for about ten minutes, making sure they don’t become too dry. If this happens add a little warm water.

Meanwhile, boil the pasta for 5 minutes, drain it and add it to the cooked potatoes.
Sprinkle with grated Parmesan and quickly toss everything together.

Serve very hot and enjoy!

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