Carbohydrates and pasta, sports friends.

A few days ago, we met a friend and follower of ours, Andrea Innocenti, who, besides his love for pasta and for boat trips (here is his fan page where he arranges for trips around the Elba Island and beyond) became passionate for foot race and marathon.
We did not miss the opportunity to let him tell us his experience and his little pre-race tips that we would like share with you.

Andrea Innocenti Running

Hallo I am going out, I’m going to run!

And since that moment an endless passion blew up; passion that self-sustains any time I schedule to go out and run. No matter it is a level practice, an upward practice, alone or in a group, training or race.

At the beginning, it was the effort to run 3/4 Km, then the desire to reach 8 km, then 10 and the joy of the first race, of the finish line after one hour running; finally, the next 8 hour sleeping.

A rising excitement up to foolish idea: the marathon, 42km and 195 meters of disconnected thoughts, step by step just thinking of the deserved finish line.
But to increase run distances, discipline, strict rules are mandatory.
So early wake up, strict diet, good sleeping , no (or little) alcohol and occasionally ” good exception to the rules.”

The marathon is really a test for the human being limits, whereas what matters mostly is not how you finish it, how long you take it or if you are the last one of the runners.
No matter is the first one, the second one or the Nth time, what matters is the practice: weeks for slow long distances, fast repeats, hours on end spent running. And when you get to the end of the training, one week from the X day, it is about the time to have a rest – for your body, strong excitement for your mind; at that point, many concerns are coming out is that they arrive thoughts: has been anything right? Will I get it? What will be my feeling? What should I eat the day before the race?Andrea Innocenti Skipper

In the last week, my diet is crucial: only proteins from the seventh to the fourth day before the race, only healthy pasta from third from last day to the day before, which is required for what is known as the carbohydrates load (no one can take a tasty Filotea egg fettuccine away from me!). The day of the race a standard breakfast and then out to breathe the magic atmosphere.

Have a great run and enjoy your meal!

Andrea Innocenti

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