About us

spaghettifiliFilotea, is a small company, situated in the heart of Marche, which produces pasta according to local traditions.
Achieving excellent flavour is Filotea’s  top priority and, for this reason, the production of pasta is not only based on meticulous processing methods, but also on the careful monitoring of all the preparation phases, starting from the choice of flour, durum wheat flour and fresh eggs.

manifiloteaFilotea egg pasta is made according to an ancient recipe from Marche and carefully following the same preparation methods that our ‘grandmas’ once used. Choosing only the best eggs and flour guarantees a genuine product. Furthermore, the pasta is dried very slowly at a low temperature.

This special drying process gives the pasta the authentic flavour typical of homemade pasta. This patient, artisan preparation guarantees a unique product which is incredibly light and easy to digest while its textured surface helps absord sauces thus exalting the flavour of all ingredients.