Looking for something special to give for Christmas? The artisan taste!

It can’t be avoided. However hard the weather and temperatures seem to be opposing its arrival in a steady and exceptional way,  winter is looming. And also Christmas will arrive. Already the first typical signs of this period  are beginning to appear: stores displaying decorations, friends and colleagues who suggest different local or traditional restaurants in which to celebrate together, the voice of Michael Bublé on all the radio stations.

Prodotti natalizi esposti all'Experience Store

We are ready. Our Experience Store is full of many new products, eno-gastronomic excellence from all over Italy: from pandoro and panettone to biscuits, from honey to fruit preserves, from pickles to pulses from the earthquake areas and much more. Without forgetting our rich wine cellar. Like last year, we have organized two days of artisan markets: Filotea Fine Food is in its second edition and, together with our passion for taste, we will have alongside us many food craftsmen ready to let you taste their delicious products for free! A unique opportunity to discover new delights and to listen to the producers themselves tell their story and that of their creations. An incredible opportunity to choose your Christmas gifts.

We’ll be expecting you on Saturday 10th and Saturday 17th December  from 9 to 20, without forgetting that you can dine with us, for both lunch and dinner, on our renowned egg pasta.

What can be better  than giving eno-gastronomic gifts for Christmas? And believe me: we have a wonderful selection, with the one constant: guaranteed quality!

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